James Watt: The 3 Reasons He Is Famous Today

James Watt is famous today for 3 reasons. People might not know about the inventor but they[…]

Alessandro Volta: The 3 Ways He Impacted Society

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Geoffrey Chaucer: The 3 Ways He Impacted The World

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Miguel de Cervantes: The 3 Ways Don Quixote Influenced History

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Thomas Hobbes: His 2 Major Influences Upon Modern Society

Thomas Hobbes had 2 major influences upon the development of our modern society. Few understand how important[…]

Dante: The 3 Ways He Influenced Modern Italian History

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Homer: 3 Ways This Ancient Poet Influenced Modern Society

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Virgil: The 3 Ways His Aeneid Glorifies the Roman People

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Ctesibius of Alexandria: 3 Influences of His Machines Upon History

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Heron(Hero) of Alexandria: The 3 Inventions That Made Him Famous

Heron or Hero of Alexandria was one of the most famous ancient inventors in history. Here are[…]

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