Michel Foucault: 3 Tricks To Easily Read And Understand Him

There are 3 tricks to easily read and understand Foucault. He remains one of the most influential[…]

John Locke: 3 Ways His Philosophy Changed Modern Education

John Lock forever changed our modern education system in 3 major ways. Today billions of people interact[…]

Empiricism and Rationalism: How Immanuel Kant Changed History

Immanuel Kant changed history forever by merging two major fields of philosophy; empiricism and rationalism.

Seneca: The 3 Roles of Reason in the Conception of Happiness

Seneca was a foundational stoic philosopher who provides 3 roles of reason for the conception of happiness.[…]

Friedrich Nietzche: The 3 Reasons Nietzche Never Married

There are 3 main reasons why Nietzsche never got married although he proposed multiple times. Few people[…]

Plato: His 3 Greatest Contributions To Education

Education has changed significantly since Plato. However, without Plato's 3 greatest contributions it would look completely different.

Karl Marx: How Marx Created Modern Economic History

Karl Marx created modern economic history through some very simple steps. After Marx the field of economic[…]

Leonardo da Vinci: The 3 Ways His Inventions Changed History

There are 3 ways in which the inventions of Leonardo da Vinci forever changed history. One inventor[…]

Benjamin Franklin: 3 Reasons He Is Important To American History

There are 3 reasons that Benjamin Franklin remains one of the most important figures in American history[…]

Charles Babbage: How He Developed The Worlds First Computer

The worlds first modern computer was built by Charles Babbage who used 3 important modules that all[…]

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