About The History Ace

The History Ace is all about helping to explain history in a simple and approachable way. I take history topics and relate them to the modern day.

When appropriate I give links within articles to good sources. These are sources like academic articles and primary sources. The goal is to provide the best possible answers to hopefully answerable questions.

My name is Nicklaus Bobertz and I shall endeavor to not suck.

About The Author

I have spent a significant chunk of my life writing and learning about history. Below you will find two sections. The first section is about the professional historian who makes his living from writing and reading all day. The second section is all about making me not sound like a robot.

A Couple History Things About Me

A Couple Other Things

  • Over the course of my master’s degree I helped build a student run hedge fund that utilized historical research to generate above average returns. (global-macro)
  • I am an avid investor, entrepreneur, writer, guitar player, and snowboarder.
  • I own and manage multiple blogs and websites.
  • From 2020 up through the end of 2021 I wrote over 1 million words (2,000 pages) on everything from history to investment methodologies/strategies.
  • My favorite coding language is Python.
  • On average it takes me about 1 hour to read a history monograph assuming I am interested in the topic.
  • Even though I have written millions of words I still suck at spelling and grammar; the English language is hard.
  • I’m always down to help people with their history work.


The easiest way to reach out to me is by email.