Athens vs. Sparta: Who Was More Powerful

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The Ancient Spartan Government Explained: Democracy or Oligarchy?

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The Spartan Diet: What They Ate and How They Prepared It

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The 3 Things That Made the Spartan Army the Best in Greece

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The Religion of Sparta: Their Gods, Rituals, and Mythos

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3 Reasons Sparta Won The Peloponnesian War Against Athens

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Spartan under armor garment

The 2 Things Spartans Wore Under Their Armor

What did Spartans wear under their bronze armor? Spartan warriors would wear 2 things under their armor[…]

What Really Happens After A Spartan Soldier Retires

Here is exactly what happens when a Spartan soldier retired from serving in the military. Only 5%[…]

The True Average Height Of The Spartan Warrior

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Did Spartans Wear Red Cloth As Part Of Their Uniform?

Did the Spartan warriors wear red cloth as part of their uniform? Most people get this question[…]

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