How Far Medieval Archers Were Capable of Shooting

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How Heavy Was Medieval Leather Armor

How heavy was medieval leather armor? Well the answer depends on just what type of leather armor[…]

What was Medieval Armor Made From?

What type of metal was medieval armor made from; was it steel or iron? Well here is[…]

The Extreme Effectiveness of Medieval Armor Explained

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Athens vs. Sparta: Who Was More Powerful

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Did The Roman Empire Really Fall? The Two Answers Explained

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The Crime Rate of Ancient Rome: Was it High or Low?

How high was the crime rate of ancient Rome? Was it a violent city or was it[…]

How Strong Was Medieval Wine: Analysis and Explanation

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The Ancient Spartan Government Explained: Democracy or Oligarchy?

Was Sparta a democratic government or a monarchy? Was it controlled by an oligarchy or a dictator?[…]

How Medieval Armies Were Supplied

How were medieval armies supplied? Well the logistics of keeping a massive group of soldiers moving was[…]

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