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How The American Revolution Changed The World

Here is how the American Revolution changed the world. Many people are not aware of just how[…]

Why The Roman People Loved Chariot Racing

Why did the Roman people love chariot racing? Well it all comes down to these 3 reasons.

The Design and Color of Roman Chariots

What was the design and color of Roman Chariots? Were they faster or slower then normal chariots?[…]

5 Facts About Roman Chariot Racing

From how much money a chariot racer would make to how brutal the sport was here are[…]

The Cost to Attend Gladiator Fights in Ancient Rome

How much did it really cost to go see a gladiatorial game in ancient Rome? Well for[…]

The Answer To How Effective Hadrian’s Wall Was

Just how effective was Hadrian's Wall? Well here is everything you will ever need to know to[…]

How Far Medieval Archers Were Capable of Shooting

What was the average range that a medieval archer could shoot? Well here is the expected ranges[…]

How Heavy Was Medieval Leather Armor

How heavy was medieval leather armor? Well the answer depends on just what type of leather armor[…]

What was Medieval Armor Made From?

What type of metal was medieval armor made from; was it steel or iron? Well here is[…]

The Extreme Effectiveness of Medieval Armor Explained

Just how effective was medieval armor? Well here is the answer to just how much protection a[…]

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