Caligula: 3 Reasons He Is Known As The Mad Emperor

Today there are 3 reasons why Caligula is known as the mad emperor of Rome. Its fascinating[…]

Emperor Tiberius: His 3 Major Accomplishments As Emperor

Today there are 3 major accomplishments of the second Roman Emperor Tiberius. He would leave the Roman[…]

The 3 Reasons Why Italy Is Not Called Rome

Today there are 3 main reasons why Italy is not named after Rome. While Roma might be[…]

The Color Of The Uniforms Worn By The Praetorian Guard

The praetorian guard of Rome would wear multiple colors of uniforms over their nearly 300 years of[…]

3 Reasons Why The Romans Believed They Were Trojan

There are 3 reasons why the Romans believed that they were descended from the Trojans who fled[…]

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