Oneida: The 3 Things They Did During The Revolutionary War

The Oneida did 3 main things during the revolutionary war. To this day most people are not[…]

Iroquois Confederacy: The 3 Different Dates For Its Formation

Today historians debate when the Iroquois Confederacy was founded. Here are the 3 dates for the formation[…]

The Intolerable Acts: The British Reaction To The Boston Tea Party

The intolerable acts remain the reaction of the British to the Boston Tea Party. These 5 acts[…]

Boston Tea Party: The 3 Reasons Why The Tea Was Dumped

There are 3 reasons why the tea was dumped overboard during the Boston Tea Party. Each reason[…]

Did The Colonists Refer To Themselves As Americans

The British colonists would refer to themselves as many things. At what point did the they refer[…]

The 3 Influences of Republican Rome On The U.S Government

Today there are 3 main influences of Republican Rome on the U.S government. Nearly 2,000 years ago[…]

Montesquieu: His 3 Influences In Creating The U.S Constitution

Today Montesquieu remains one of the most influential people of all time. His major influences are seen[…]

Hobbes and Locke: 3 Similarities and Differences on Government

Today there are 3 main differences and similarities between Thomas Hobbes and John Locke. These theories have[…]

U.S Constitution: The 3 Influences Which Helped Create It

Today there are 3 main influences which helped to create the U.S constitution. Few people understand how[…]

Could The U.S Have Survived With The Articles Of Confederation

Could the U.S have survived with the articles of confederation instead of the constitution? The modern U.S[…]

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